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Add TN county lines to map: Northcutts Cove sinkhole

Spatial Analyst seems to underestimate the size (blue line) of the Northcutts Cove sinkhole. The shapefile has innerBoundary paths (bumps in the sinkhole), and one of the topos has 10' contours, maybe that has confused the tool. The sinkhole contour lines on the topo map suggest a bigger sinkhole. The 10m DEM data would suggest that the lip is at the northern end of the sinkhole (35.5058510,-85.7533530) with an elevation of 1153', whereas Spatial Analyst reports lip at 1105' and depth of 5m and area of 0.41 km2. Here are the 10m DEM cells near the lip.

           1156.91 1152.71 1150.03 1147.42 1142.09
           1156.77 1154.45 1152.65 1151.29 1149.18
           1154.42 1152.76 1153.56 1154.64 1153.84
           1150.26 1150.29 1151.90 1154.48 1156.40
           1146.90 1146.62 1150.06 1156.30 1161.18
Using the 1153 contour as the enclosing path (yellow) yields a depth of 64' and an area of rougly 1.2 km2. Low point is 1089.1' at 35.500715,-85.755211.

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