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Anderson County sinkholes
The map above shows the location of 600+ sinkholes (black map pin) on the USGS topo quads for Anderson County. Using the terrain or topo layers of the google map, you can see that the sinkholes lie along the valley and ridge section of Anderson County. By contrast the Cumberland Mountains lie in the northwest section of the county with sandstone and coal seams in the 3000' high range.

The digital analysis of the USGS DEM data for Anderson County shows there are 239 sinkholes of depth 3m or more (red circles). The deepest sinkhole (68') in Anderson County is at 36.147386,-84.109287 (paste into Find box on google map). This sinkhole also has the largest volume and area for the county.

If you have explored Anderson County, you know there are many more sinkholes that the USGS topo/DEM data does not record. For example in the Norris watershed, the Eli Nine Sinkholes trail passes by 9 sinkholes, only one of which shows on the topo map. Though USGS mistakes are rare, there is NOT a sinkhole at 36.009696,-84.30096.

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