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Meigs Line, the 1802 survey line from Fort Southwest Point (Kingston) to Mt Collins (Meigs Post). The older Hawkins Line is eastern portion based on some of the survey marks. The actual surveyed Meigs Line wiggled from distinct survey points (high points, etc.), see book Meigs Line and photo/commentary but others claim the photo is not of a Meigs line marker, but something the CCC did.

Meigs Line from 1796 map of Tennessee from Library of Congress

McCarter/Kelley book Meigs Line
McCarter July,2014 video
Hawkins journal
Meigs family history
Drawing the Line
History of County Formations in Tennessee 1776-1985 see 1797 county lines
2012 Smokies GPS elevation survey including Mt Collins

McCarter's 1970 photo of Meigs Post

Meigs post in 2012

USGS benchmark on Mt Collins

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