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Map shows GA fire towers listed by USGS name database (1-72) and as discovered on 1:100,000 USGS topo maps and NGS data sheets. (For towers 73 and above, names are my creation.) Motivation for this data arose from the fact that no Georgia towers were listed at the FFLA site in 2010. GFC provided coordinates for 118 towers (BLL-nnn) and an older GFC list described the locations of 203 towers (gfc-nnn). Gary Weber and Ron Stafford also provided numerous tower locations. No exact lat/lon for the following tower locations:

     Ballground,,gfc-711: 9 mi S of Chatsworth  E of 225  ~ 34.65266,-84.75986
     Fort Gordon,,gfc-623: HQ at Ft Gordon  ~ 33.42706,-82.14809
     Cedar Grove,,gfc-507: 4 mi W of Cedar Grove on GA 46  ~ 32.23919,-82.95107

There are wildlife observation towers in the Okefenokee swamp and Ogeechee River. In the 1890's there were three 70' towers on the Chickamauga Battlefield. One was near Hall's Ford where the Confederates assembled for the first day's battle, another was situated west of Reed's Bridge near where the fighting started, and a third was located at Snodgrass Hill. Wilder's Brigade tower still stands.

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