Minutes from November 9, 2000 Meeting

Steering committee: Kent Bailey, Tom Dunigan, Boyd Evans, Jimi,Flynt, Joanne Grimes, Frank Hensley, Cheryl Travis

*Boyd handed out examples of charters and by-laws for review ( Friends of Panther Creek charter, Friends of Blue Ridge charter, Blue Ridge Trail Riders by-laws).

*Joanne reported that as a result of bumper sticker sales and raffle ticket purchases, $665.53 was in the checking account. $449.05 was paid out for the bumper stickers, leaving a balance of $220.00 as of Nov. 9, 2000.

*To get a Tax I. D. number, Joanne requested a bank account be set up at her bank (Home Federal) based on the charter.

*Frank suggested we pursue a 501-C3 and that we incorporate – will cost $100.

*Joanne suggested we apply for C3, limiting Friends of Haw Ridge to 2 fundraisers a year.

*Boyd recommended we follow Friends of Panther Creek charter because it’s similar to our interests and concerns.

*At Joanne’s request, 2 incorporators were named:

Boyd M. Evans III

Joanne Grimes

*Everyone agrees that the Friends of Panther Creek charter stands as is and is to be modified to reflect the Friends of Haw Ridge. This charter will be filed with the state to become a legal and recognized entity with the state. Joanne volunteered to write the charter.

*Using the Friends of Panther Creek constitution and by-laws as a template, changes were made for our purposes. We decided: to delete family memberships; hold quarterly meetings; limit initial titled positions to two-year terms; and limit the three member Board of Directors to one-year terms. Jimi agreed to write the constitution and by-laws.

*The membership form was discussed and should there be a waiver on it?

*Other concerns: Can a person under 18 be a member?

Who do we want on the Board of Directors?

Do we want to organize a mountain bike race for 2001?


*The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 7:00 pm.