Minutes from Friends of Haw Ridge Meeting 11/28/01

*We addressed the new trails and ramps that are sprouting up at Haw Ridge. Tom Dunigan suggested we develop a master tail building plan, along with Josh Collins and the City of Oak Ridge, for any and all future trails.

*A sign will be posted on the kiosk and trailhead to discourage cutting in new trails, as per the City of Oak Ridge.

*Randall Hampson is pursuing a new avenue for the IRS 501c (3) application, via contacts with the University of Tennessee Law School. Currently, our application is M.I.A. on Rocky McClamrock’s desk.

*Kent Bailey of the Life Development Center, along with Highland Adventures, presented the F.O.H.R. with a check for $238.00 for our help with the 12-Hour Race.

*We placed another order of 50 t-shirts with Wally Judy.

*Joanne Grimes will be organizing an off-road triathlon on April 28th (trail running, mtn. biking, and horseback riding). Volunteers are needed.

*Boyd Evans said Mayor Bradshaw called about putting on some type of race at Haw Ridge.

*Another person contacted Kent Bailey about organizing a trail running race in February or March.

*F.O.H.R. will organize a Haw Ridge Fest Day in conjunction with Oak Ridge’s Mayfest (to be scheduled for second or third Saturday in May). Activities will include a wildflower walk, mtn. bike clinics, organized rides, and various biking event (bike safety, hill climbs, log pulls, etc.).

*Someone suggested asking the City of Oak Ridge about putting up a light in the parking lot.


Areas that need attention are putting up more trail signs; fixing the rutted section on Saddle; continue work on new trail around the shore near Kaboom (which was started back in the fall).

*NEXT F.O.H.R. MEETING is THURSDAY, JAN. 24th @ 7pm at the Life Development Center.