Minutes from FRIENDS OF HAW RIDGE Meeting

JAN. 30, 2003



*Recent concern over trail damage, esp. during wet conditions, prompted a discussion.  It was agreed that large signs will be posted at the kiosk and trailhead stating “PLEASE DO NOT RIDE TRAILS WHEN WET”.  This blanket statement applies to ALL park users.


*Potential safety issues for equestrians on sensitive trails were also discussed.  It was decided that smaller signs would be posted on several trails to discourage horse use.  These diamond shaped signs will read: “NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HORSES” and will be put on LOW GAP, ISTHUMS, EAST EDGE, WEST SHORE, and K2.


*The date for the 2nd Haw Ridge Triathlon has been set for May 18th.  The Blue Ridge Trail Riders are organizing this race.  An alternate location, Freels Bend, was proposed in case of wet conditions.


*IMBA Trail School will take place at the Life Development Center and Haw Ridge Park April 24th – 27th .  Regional bike clubs, shops, and websites will be notified pending more information.  Registration is $20 and will include several meals.  Trails to be addressed during the workshop will be Rainbow and Saddle.


*Runners Market is organizing a trail run this fall (mid September).  Details to come.


*The City of Oak Ridge wants to extend the Melton Hill Greenway to Haw Ridge Park, but lack state funding.  F.O.H.R. may help put in a temporary connector. 


*The proposed light near the kiosk is still on the city’s agenda.


*Josh Collins would like to put in a gravel path following the pipeline.  There would be a bridge connecting that path to the trails.  Mark Patterson, Tom Dunigan, and Josh are going to look at this possible new entrance.


*F.O.H.R. decided on having quarterly trail maintenance days.  Tom Dunigan is heading up that project.