Minutes From March 15, 2001 Meeting


*attending were:

Boyd Evans

Tom Dunigan

Kent Bailey

Cheryl Travis

Jimi Flynt

David Denton

Wally Judy

Randall Hampson

Boyd reported we have $324.00 in our account (excluding Tom Dunigan’s generous contribution! – thanks, tom!)

We discussed the Shoreline Clean-up project to be held on Sat. March 31st beginning at 9 am. The Life Development Center is the designated check-in place. There will be a pre-clean up safety meeting for all volunteers. We must get signed waivers.

Randall suggested contacting the Anderson County parole department about using their community service crew to help with the Shoreline Clean-up or other trail maintenance.

Boyd will check with Josh Collins about using the City of Oak Ridge’s walkie talkies.


Oak Ridge’s Mayfest 2001 was discussed. One suggestion was to set up a table on Saturday, May 19th. We can distribute brochures and maps. Plus, we could sell t-shirts and bumper stickers. Jimi Flynt is handling the details. Volunteers are needed to man the booth. A group ride will be advertised for the next day.

In conjuction with Mayfest, a wildflower hike is scheduled for May 5th with Larry Pounds leading the way.


Wally Judy said he could have Haw Ridge t-shirts printed for a nominal cost. Everyone agreed on using the Haw Ridge biker logo. Hopefully we can have some shirts ready by Mayfest. Local bike shops could also carry them.


Regarding the information kiosk, several good ideas were presented. A local high school’s vocational department could design and build it for a school project. Randall suggested we approach Lowe’s or Home Depot about donating the supplies.


The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, April 19, 2001 at 7:00pm.

(should be riding weather – bring your bikes and get there early!)