UNIX Network Programming
CS494, Fall '99

Instructor: Tom Dunigan
Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 1-3 pm
Teaching Assistant: John Randle randle@cs.utk.edu
Text: Unix Network Programming vol 1. (2nd edition) or here
Meet: Tuesday/Thursdays, 3:40-4:55 Ayres 102
Grading: Assignments 60%, Midterm 15%, Final 25%
class page http://www.cs.utk.edu/~dunigan/cs494-unp/
class policies and procedures
class resources -- always growing
class lectures
class assignments
STRONG knowledge of programming in the C language
Introductory networking course (desirable) and CS 360 or consent of instructor
tattoo not required

Considerable time will be required to develop operational software. Access to UT CS hosts will be essential.


This course will cover the basics of the IP protocols and Internet programming using the BSD socket API. Areas to be covered include:
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