Computer and Network Security
CS494/594      Fall '06

Administrative (sections 494/4 594/9 ) UTK Computer Science
Where: 206 Claxton      When: Tuesday evening 5:05 to 7:45
Instructor: Tom Dunigan
Office hours: Claxton 222 (by appointment)
Teaching assistant: A. J. Wright (ajw at utk dot edu)
Text: Stallings (4th edition) Cryptography and Network Security
Understand computing security vulnerabilities and the techniques and tools for developing secure applications and practicing safe computing
Course work
Lectures, readings, exercises, PGP/ssh/openssl usage, developing small secure applications in C, midterm, and final exam. Grad level (594) will write a paper as well.
Familiarity with UNIX and C/make, CS 360 desirable
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The course will cover three areas: security risks and countermeasures, principles of computer cryptography, and applied cryptography.


Last revised: July 10, 2006