Nearby landforms (miles)
Hollow Rock Br. Falls 30', SCF018, 0  
Hollow Rock Br NB 40x10, SCA039, 0.05 W 
Alder Br fedder 13', SCF049, 0.79 N 
Massey Branch Falls 9', SCF026, 1.04 NW 
Massey Window 3x2, SCA049, 1.05 NW 
Mosquito Arch 6x3, KYA35, 1.87 N 
Anderson Falls 65', SCF029, 1.98 E 
Sunroof Arch 5x3, KYA36, 2.01 N 
Kamtt Tunnel 2x10, SCA074, 2.07 E 
Terry Lynn Arch 12x3, SCA073, 2.21 E 
Buffalo Arch 80x20, KYA4, 2.36 NW 
Clydesdale Arches?, SCA050, 2.44 E 
Wolf Nugget Arch 6x3, KYA39, 2.49 NE 
Longfield Arch?, SCA058, 2.5 E 
Hatfield Ridge E. Arch 4x10, SCA018, 2.51 S 
Twister Arch? 2x6, SCA051, 2.51 E 
Hatfield Ridge Arch 25x30, SCA004, 2.55 S 
Triple Arch 30x15, SCA012, 2.62 E 
Percolator Arch?, SCA052, 2.63 E 
Molar Arch 2x3, SCA032, 2.65 S 
Andy Arch 8x15, PIA043, 2.66 SW 
Jug Handle Arch 2x5, SCA042, 2.68 S 
Shadowline Arch 7x2, SCA041, 2.69 S 
Upper Molar Arch 26x8, SCA030, 2.7 S 
Matt D's Arch 40x15, SCA019, 2.71 S 
Big Grub's Complex Arch 21x15, KYA37, 2.74 NE 
Grand Branch Arch 25x15, SCA033, 2.84 S 
Cap Rock 45', SCR001, 2.89 E 
Cap Rock Window 2x3, SCA021, 2.89 E 
Grand Branch Chimney 9', SCR008, 2.91 S 
Big Br Double Arch?, SCA059, 2.95 E 
Twin Arches 92x70, SCA013, 2.97 S 
Lost Arch 3x2, PIA044, 3 SW 
Hanging Rock Arches 10x20, PIA001, 3.01 SW 
Lost Chimney 15', PIR001, 3.01 SW 
Jakes Arch 3x3, SCA014, 3.03 S 
Jakes Chimney 5x25, PIA016, 3.05 S 
Duckhead Arch?, SCA062, 3.08 E 
Rhino Foot Arch?, SCA060, 3.09 E 
Bruce's Arch 12x5, SCA031, 3.09 E 
Giger Arch?, SCA061, 3.1 E 
Cowboy Arch 43x39, PIA002, 3.13 SW 
Russell Arch 100x30, SCA010, 3.13 E 
Scorpio Arch 27x15, PIA022, 3.17 S 
The Slit 2x25, SCA027, 3.18 E 
Betty Br Shelf Arch?, SCA063, 3.24 E 
Baby Grand Arch?, SCA064, 3.25 E 
Betty Br Arch 70x20, SCA022, 3.28 E 
Blackmail Arch?, SCA065, 3.32 E 
Gobblers Arch 50x12, KYA10, 3.35 N 

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