Nearby landforms (miles)
Mosquito Arch 6x3, KYA35, 0  
Sunroof Arch 5x3, KYA36, 0.17 N 
Alder Br fedder 13', SCF049, 1.15 SW 
Big Grub's Complex Arch 21x15, KYA37, 1.34 E 
Wolf Nugget Arch 6x3, KYA39, 1.4 E 
Gobblers Arch 50x12, KYA10, 1.48 N 
Coocoocachoo Arch 18x12, KYA38, 1.7 NE 
Startling Falls 65', KYF14, 1.85 NE 
Hollow Rock Br. Falls 30', SCF018, 1.87 S 
Hollow Rock Br NB 40x10, SCA039, 1.88 SW 
Massey Branch Falls 9', SCF026, 2 SW 
Massey Window 3x2, SCA049, 2.03 SW 
Anderson Falls 65', SCF029, 2.52 SE 
Kamtt Tunnel 2x10, SCA074, 2.59 SE 
Buffalo Arch 80x20, KYA4, 2.63 W 
Clydesdale Arches?, SCA050, 2.67 SE 
Etta's Arch, KYA41, 2.71 E 
Percolator Arch?, SCA052, 2.73 SE 
Terry Lynn Arch 12x3, SCA073, 2.73 SE 
Triple Arch 30x15, SCA012, 2.74 SE 
Longfield Arch?, SCA058, 2.81 SE 
Twister Arch? 2x6, SCA051, 2.88 SE 
Nancys Tunnel 20', SCA075, 2.91 E 
Cap Rock Window 2x3, SCA021, 3 SE 
Cap Rock 45', SCR001, 3 SE 
The Slit 2x25, SCA027, 3.06 SE 
Bruce's Arch 12x5, SCA031, 3.13 SE 
Russell Arch 100x30, SCA010, 3.14 SE 
No Business Butte, SCR007, 3.2 SE 
Betty Br Arch 70x20, SCA022, 3.25 SE 
Baby Grand Arch?, SCA064, 3.3 SE 
Big Br Double Arch?, SCA059, 3.31 SE 
Betty Br Shelf Arch?, SCA063, 3.32 SE 
Blackmail Arch?, SCA065, 3.35 SE 
Cliff Hugger Arch?, SCA066, 3.4 SE 
Betty Br Complex?, SCA067, 3.4 SE 
Jug Complex?, SCA068, 3.41 SE 
Rhino Foot Arch?, SCA060, 3.45 SE 
Duckhead Arch?, SCA062, 3.46 SE 
Giger Arch?, SCA061, 3.47 SE 
Maude's Crack, SCR002, 3.55 SE 
Maude's Arch 2x2, SCA005, 3.58 SE 
Yellow Cliff Window, SCA023, 3.63 SE 
Cool Off Arch, KYA34, 3.66 NE 
Craft Window?, SCA070, 3.76 SE 
Hollow Rock Arch 60x8, KYA13, 4.14 N 
Hatfield Ridge E. Arch 4x10, SCA018, 4.27 S 
Hatfield Ridge Arch 25x30, SCA004, 4.34 S 
Molar Arch 2x3, SCA032, 4.5 S 
Andy Arch 8x15, PIA043, 4.52 SW 

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