Nearby landforms (miles)
Koger Arch 91x18, KYA17, 0  
Coonpatch Ridge Arch?, KYA5, 0.51 S 
Coonpatch Ridge Arch2?, KYA6, 0.68 S 
Coal Branch NB 82x30, KYA44, 0.8 SE 
Devils Arch, KYA9, 1.71 S 
Double Ledge 26x10, KYA43, 1.92 N 
Cracks in the Rock, KYR2, 1.94 SE 
Coal Miner Falls 30', KYF11, 2.14 SE 
Dick Gap Arch 7x3, KYA49, 2.39 S 
BLue Herron Falls 25', KYF12, 2.4 SE 
Dick Gap Falls, KYF5, 2.61 SE 
Little Gap Falls 8', KYF15, 2.69 SE 
Julia Lynn Falls, KYF4, 2.71 NE 
Laurel Branch Falls 20', KYF13, 2.88 SE 
Big Spring Falls 40', KYF6, 2.92 S 
Wagon Arch 34x13, KYA27, 3 SE 
Princess Falls, KYF2, 3.03 NE 
Bald Arch, KYA2, 3.09 S 
Lick Creek Falls 78', KYF3, 3.14 NE 
New Arch, KYA31, 3.43 SE 
Rogers Falls 10', KYF16, 3.46 S 
Passed By Arch 35x17, KYA47, 4.24 S 
Tiny Twin Arch, KYA45, 4.42 SE 
Hickory Knob Arch 24x16, KYA11, 4.56 W 
Negro Creek Arch?, KYA19, 4.86 NE 
Triplet Arch 12x18, KYA26, 5.11 N 
Split Bow Arch 50x34, KYA24, 5.12 SE 
Claw Arch, KYA40, 5.17 SW 
Jones Br Falls(2) 9', KYF10, 5.24 N 
Markers Arch 45x10, KYA29, 5.3 NE 
Mossy Falls 10', KYF9, 5.32 N 
Annie Br Arch(4) 44x17, KYA42, 5.56 S 
Dripcicle Falls 9', KYF8, 5.57 N 
Yahoo Arch 70x17, KYA28, 5.63 NE 
Narrow Window 6x2, KYA48, 5.66 S 
Rattler Arch 15x10, KYA21, 5.69 W 
Cranberry Falls 35', KYF7, 5.73 N 
Yahoo Falls 113', KYF1, 5.77 NE 
Robbers Roost Arch 23x7, KYA22, 5.94 SE 
Ocad window 2x2, KYA16, 5.97 S 
Pillar Arch, KYA20, 6.1 S 
Slavens Br Arch?, KYA8, 6.1 S 
Triangle Arch, KYA25, 6.21 S 
Huling Arch 40x15, KYA15, 6.23 S 
Dan Arch, KYA7, 6.27 N 
Sampson's Pillar Arch, KYA33, 6.41 W 
Bear Arch?, KYA3, 6.99 S 
Cool Off Arch, KYA34, 7.25 SW 
Cow Branch Arch 65x15, SCA015, 7.31 S 
Sheep Twin 21x41, KYA46, 7.44 NE 

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