Nearby shelters (miles)
Upper Goose Pond Cabin, UpperGoos, 0  
October Mountain Lean-to, OctoberMt, 4.86 N 
Mt. Wilcox North Lean-to, MtWilcoxN, 6.01 SW 
Mt. Wilcox South Lean-to, MtWilcoxS, 7.37 SW 
Tom Leonard Lean-to, TomLeonar, 10.99 SW 
Kay Wood Lean-to, KayWood, 11.37 N 
Glen Brook Lean-to, GlenBrook, 18.4 SW 
The Hemlocks Lean-to, TheHemloc, 18.52 SW 
Mark Noepel Lean-to, MarkNoepe, 22.1 N 
Brassie Brook Lean-to, BrassieBr, 23.51 SW 
Bascom Lodge, BascomLdg, 24.06 N 
Riga Lean-to, Riga, 24.13 SW 
Limestone Spring Lean-to, Limestone, 24.58 SW 
Wilbur Clearing Lean-to, WilburClr, 26.19 N 
Pine Swamp Brook Lean-to, PineSBrk, 30.39 SW 
Seth Warner Shelter, SethWarne, 33.46 N 
Stewart Hollow Brook Lean-to, StewartHo, 37.51 S 
Congdon Shelter, Congdon, 38.82 N 
Melville Nauheim Shelter, MelvilleN, 41.64 N 
Mt. Algo Lean-to, MtAlgo, 42.2 SW 
Ten Mile River Lean-to, TenMileR, 46.71 SW 
Goddard Shelter, Goddard, 47.7 N 
Wiley Shelter, Wiley, 48.95 SW 
Kid Gore Shelter, KidGore, 50.66 N 
Caughnawaga Shelter, Caughnawag, 50.71 N 
Telephone Pioneers Shelter, Telephone, 53.16 SW 
Story Spring Shelter, StorySpr, 53.41 N 
Stratton Pond Shelter, StrattonP, 57.33 N 
Morgan Stewart Memorial Shelter, MorganSte, 57.49 SW 
William B. Douglas Shelter, WilliamB, 60 N 
Spruce Peak Shelter, SprucePea, 62.28 N 
RPH Shelter, RPH, 63.37 SW 
Bromley Shelter, Bromley, 65.71 N 
Peru Peak Shelter, PeruPeak, 71.03 N 
Lost Pond Shelter, LostPond, 74.17 N 
Old Job Shelter, OldJob, 74.85 N 
Big Branch Shelter, BigBranch, 75.35 N 
Lula Tye Shelter, LulaTye, 77.4 N 
Little Rock Pond Shelter, LittleRoc, 78 N 
Greenwall Shelter, Greenwall, 80.71 N 
West Mountain Shelter, WMtn, 83.42 SW 
Minerva Hinchey Shelter, MinervaHi, 83.97 N 
William Brien Memorial Shelter, WilliamBr, 85.16 SW 
Clarendon Shelter, Clarendon, 86.51 N 
Fingerboard Shelter, Fingerboar, 87.54 SW 
Governor Clement Shelter, GovernorC, 89.98 N 
Wildcat Shelter, Wildcat, 92.99 SW 
Cooper Lodge, CooperLdg, 93.07 N 
Pico Camp Shelter, PicoCamp, 95.18 N 
Churchill Scott Shelter, Churchill, 95.34 N 

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