Nearby shelters (miles)
Old Orchard Shelter, OldOrchar, 0  
Wise Shelter, Wise, 2.13 S 
Hurricane Mountain Shelter, Hurricane, 2.22 N 
Thomas Knob Shelter, ThomasKnb, 2.27 SW 
Trimpi Shelter, Trimpi, 4.88 N 
Lost Mountain Shelter, LostMtn, 8.54 W 
Partnership Shelter, Partnershi, 10.04 NE 
Saunders Shelter, Saunders, 11.76 W 
Chatfield Shelter, Chatfield, 14.18 NE 
The Place, ThePlace, 15.84 W 
Davis Path camp, DavisPath, 17.64 NE 
Knot Maul Branch Shelter, KnotMaul, 22.7 N 
Abingdon Gap Shelter, AbingdonG, 22.99 W 
Chestnut Knob Shelter, ChestnutK, 26.58 N 
Double Springs Shelter, DoubleSp2, 29.18 SW 
Iron Mountain Shelter, IronMount, 31.85 SW 
Jenkins Shelter, Jenkins, 31.91 NE 
Vandeventer Shelter, Vandevente, 37.63 SW 
Helveys Mill Shelter, HelveysM, 38.42 NE 
Mountaineer Falls Shelter, Mountainee, 41.54 SW 
Watauga Lake Shelter, WataugaLk, 42.98 SW 
Jenny Knob Shelter, JennyKnob, 44.09 NE 
Laurel Fork Shelter, LaurelFrk, 44.76 SW 
Moreland Gap Shelter, MorelandG, 45.44 SW 
Overmountain Shelter, Overmounta, 49.14 SW 
Stan Murray Shelter, StanMurra, 50.14 SW 
Clyde Smith Shelter, ClydeSmit, 51.81 SW 
Roan High Knob Shelter, RoanHigh, 52.54 SW 
Wapiti Shelter, Wapiti, 53.59 NE 
Docs Knob Shelter, DocsKnob, 55.4 NE 
Cherry Gap Shelter, CherryGap, 56.9 SW 
Rice Field Shelter, RiceField, 63.67 NE 
Curley Maple Gap Shelter, CurleyMap, 63.67 SW 
No Business Knob Shelter, NoBusines, 66.91 SW 
Bald Mountain Shelter, BaldMtn, 71.77 SW 
Pine Swamp Branch Shelter, PineSwpB, 71.79 NE 
Bailey Gap Shelter, BaileyGap, 72.03 NE 
Flint Mountain Shelter, FlintMtn, 75.47 SW 
War Spur Shelter, WarSpur, 76.19 NE 
Laurel Creek Shelter, LaurelCrk, 76.84 NE 
Jerry Cabin, JerryCabi, 77.38 SW 
Hogback Ridge Shelter, HogbackR, 78.05 SW 
Sarver Hollow Shelter, SarverHoll, 80.43 NE 
Little Laurel Shelter, LittleLrl, 82.64 SW 
Niday Shelter, Niday, 85.1 NE 
Spring Mountain Shelter, SpringMtn, 87.61 SW 
Pickle Branch Shelter, PickleBr, 88.51 NE 
Deer Park Mountain Shelter, DeerPark, 93.9 SW 
Johns Spring Shelter, BoyScout, 93.95 NE 
Catawba Mountain Shelter, Catawba, 94.87 NE 

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